Cole Anthony the likely first pick in the NBA draft.

Every year entering the season, we get a half-hearted attempt for ESPN analysts to manage expectations for college basketball fans. They will say there isn’t a star like Zion Williamson, R.J. Barrett, Trae Young, or insert any name of a star freshman in previous year’s past. Every time they make this statement, a player comes out and makes them eat their words. This year that player is Cole Anthony. For those who don’t know, Cole Anthony is the son of Greg Anthony (former point guard for the New York Knicks) and was the number 1 point guard coming out of high school. How he wasn’t the number 1 overall player is beyond me, but this is kind of like when Derrick Rose was not rated the number 1 player, then he stepped on the court and everyone knew he was the best. Cole Anthony is every bit the star R.J. Barrett or Zion Williamson was coming out of high school. People forget Zion was doubted coming into college. What makes Cole so intriguing is that he has elite NBA athleticism with an advanced skill set. In his first game Cole went 6-11 from three. If he keeps that up there will be no answers to try and stop him. This kids has all the tools to be a monster in the NBA. Considering how successful Ja Morant has been in the NBA, it is easy to see that he and Cole Anthony will be battling for years for best point guard in the game. What makes Cole Anthony a can’t-miss-star is how much he hates to lose. Go back to any great player in the NBA and they were great because of their competitiveness. Bird, Magic, and Jordan are just a few of the elite competitors that the NBA has had that revolutionized the game: Cole Anthony has that factor. Every article I have read on him says he is an extreme competitor who at one point wasn’t as skilled as his peers and who believes his only way to be a great player is to outwork everyone. Now that he is the most talented with the kind of work ethic he has, he will definitely produce in the NBA barring any injury. Last year, Roy Williams had a one and done freshman point guard and has had his fair share of NBA point guards play for him. Never have I heard him talk about his point guards like he talks about Cole Anthony. Most veteran coaches shy away from putting pressure on young players. Every once in a while a player comes around in which no matter how seasoned you are, you can’t hold back how good they are. Cole Anthony is that kind of talent. They come around once in a generation and immediately take teams to higher levels. Cole Anthony isn’t R.J. or Zion but he might be even better.


I am an avid football and basketball fan following the two sports for the last 25 years.

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