The NBA is very adamant about social justice but China is not the place to try and spread american values.

The NBA has been at the forefront for social justice issues. Normally when they make a stance against social injustice, it is an American issue. Recently, they have made comments about issues in China. The problem is when you make a comment about another country’s issues it becomes a slipper slope. China has different cultural norms than the United States. Sometimes when we as Americans try to make change across the world we devalue these other cultures and make comments that are insensitive to that culture. Many countries are not as liberal as we are in the United States and assuming they are can lead to major financial losses and bigger problems than we are ready to deal with. I applaud the NBA for speaking on equality and social justice issue in the United States, but when you speak about these things in other countries, we as a country need to be more aware of other countries’ norms. In the military, what just happened in the NBA would be a major problem and would likely lead to court marshalls for the violating parties. If the NBA wants to keep up with its international audience, it needs to learn how to adapt to other peoples’ cultures.


I am an avid football and basketball fan following the two sports for the last 25 years.

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