The Juggernaut

The Dominance

Watching Khalil Mack play against opposing offenses is reminiscent of how the Juggernaut would wreak havoc on the x-men by mixing a combination of size and speed the x-men where most often not prepared for. When quarterbacks face this guy they know coming into the game it is going to be a long night. Last night I watched him single handily wreck the Redskins offensive line as if they where junior varsity football players paying against college level athletes. You could see him tossing around 300 pound lineman in ways I am sure they haven’t been tossed since they where actually children. Mack brings straight terror to the opposing offenses. To watch him play is like watching a hurricane wreck offenses. You barely have the chance to count to three when you see Khalil Mack storming for the quarterback which more often times then not leads to one of his lesser known teammates getting a sack. When he is not double teamed you see him with stats lines like last nights destruction of the Redskins. He put up two sacks and two force fumbles, not to mention the numerous other sacks or pressures that where caused based on his play. Not only is he a great pass rusher but he is not easily fooled by screens and he doesn’t make many mistakes. He falls for the occasional offside penalty due to his reliance on a quick first step and timing the Quarterbacks cadence but those penalties never really put the bears in trouble. With a so-so offense this guy out of any defensive player would be my vote for MVP. Von Miller for some years was the closest I saw to this guy but even still Mack has even more size while being just as quick. The Raiders made the mistake of trading him for draft picks trying to win the Patriots way. The problem with most teams that try to win the Patriots way is they don’t have Belichick or the Patriots front office which is one of the better ones in the NFL.

What’s Next

For Mack, the biggest question is what’s next? As constructed the Bears have a championship level defense. The problem is that their offense could use some help. The Bears decision to draft Trubisky over Mahomes and Watson may really come back to bite them in the end. This team is one stellar Quarterback away from being perennial Superbowl contenders. It would be a shame if a generational talent like Khalil Mack never wins a Superbowl but it is possible that the Bears realizing their weaknesses on offense go with the formula most teams with great defenses and poor Quarterback play have done before them, which is control the clock, make the game low scoring, and rely on your defense to close games. If I was the Bears I would start implementing that now. Trubisky still has time to evolve and the only team that should be in the way of their championship window is the Rams. No other young team outside of the Rams has this kind of defense and the Cowboys will have to spend more money then they would like trying to keep their core together. If it doesn’t work out in Chicago I am sure that Khalil Mack will have his chance one day to sign with another team and obtain a Superbowl ring. Until then he will continue making all pros and racking up defensive player of the year awards.


I am an avid football and basketball fan following the two sports for the last 25 years.

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