Darius Garland the Darkhourse candidate for Rookie of the Year

The Darius Garland Report

If I where comparing Darius Garlands college career to anyone in the NBA I would have to bring up Kryie Irving. Like Irving he is a star point guard drafted to the Cavaliers after a limited amount of games. Also, like Kyrie, Darius is very skilled. What most might have missed while he was sitting on the sideline is that this kid has a tremendous handle with the ability to pull up from range with deadly accuracy. Anyone with range and decent accuracy from three will automatically get compared to Curry but hold your horses on that. I think this kid is more Kyrie.

Vanderbilt last year started of hot with him in the lineup do to his zone stretching abilities and his passing. He might be one of the most skilled players in this draft. If you watch any of his workouts he isn’t just playing well he is downright dominating. The level of efficiency he plays with is uncanny for a 19 year old. Most analysts and fans a like believe Zion will run away with the rookie of the year trophy which he might very well do but he has much more quality players in his way to accomplish his goal. Darius only has one other shot maker on his team and that guy by the middle of the season might be their sixth man. It wouldn’t be surprising if he put up 16-18 points a game with around 6 to 7 assists. Numbers like that always put players in the running for rookie of the year. Include the fact that Cleveland last year was so bad all they can do is win more games this year. Darius is set up to have the perfect rookie season to walk away with rookie of the year. Every year their is a hidden gem that goes under the radar only to breakout and turn heads once the season starts. This year be on the lookout for Darius Garland.


I am an avid football and basketball fan following the two sports for the last 25 years.

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