Pascal Siakam aka Spicy P the Cameroon Superstar

Pascal’s Breakout

If you pay any attention to the NBA you know the Toronto Raptors had an amazing final run with Kawhi Leonard only to see him walk away in free agency. What you might of missed was that Kawhi didn’t do it on his own. There was this super long lanky combo forward who had the ability to get to the rack and a decent enough jumper to keep defenses honest. What was missed during this finals was how much pressure Pascal took of Kawhi. Their where games where he completely took over. If you rewind the tape you will realize that the Warrior had no answers for Pascal. Draymond who is one of the better defenders in the NBA had a very hard time trying to cover Pascal. This is the match up that won the series for the Raptors.

Pascal Ready For SuperStardom

Now that Kawhi is gone the Raptors are Pascal’s team and don’t be surprised if they are still a really good team. Let’s get one thing clear the Raptors have been a winning organization for years. Kawhi didn’t make them a playoff team he took them over the hump to win the finals. Before Kawhi Toronto still had its fair share of playoff success. Even though Kawhi was a huge loss the Raptors managed to keep their team intact. This means that if Pascal is able to keep his level of play at the playoffs Toronto has a chance to make it back to the top of the east. Pascal has a miniature Kevin Durant like game that can be dominant with a little bit more refinement. Also Nick Nurse is one of the better coaches in the NBA and I wouldn’t be surprised if he uses a scheme similar as last year with Pascal as the lead and OG as the second option. The League better get ready for Spicy P’s rise to superstardom.


I am an avid football and basketball fan following the two sports for the last 25 years.

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