Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady

Patrick Mahomes the NFL’s Soul Brother

Who’s your hommie? It’s got to be Patrick the magician Mahomes with the football styling, failing and profiling. I watched some of the most entertaining plays over the last year with my brother from another mother, lighting up the defense time after time. with a lack of defense, his offense is their defense. His sub par defense on the other side, should be in 2 a day workouts during the game on the sidelines all season until they can employ some display of hope. A game with their defense is like taking an ugly girl to the prom. You know you will be clowned by everyone including your mother and father. In this case the ugly girl is best friends with the prom king, so you tolerate her as long as you can. Them no look shake and bakes are like Ricky Bobbee running on the track screaming I’m on 🔥 fire someone put me out ,(while the db’s begin to chase their tails and fake injuries to get off the field. He’s Bradyish on knowing were to put the ball, he’s Farve on how he throws the ball, and when he scrambled he’s like Randle Cunningham smooth and when he walks back to the huddle or talks on interviews he’s like me. This dude is Superfly in the game. This guy is only in his 2nd season as a starter, but if he can stay consistent he will go down as the Goat…watch out Tom.

Written by John Beal. Senior Executive at SportsByJared.


I am an avid football and basketball fan following the two sports for the last 25 years.

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