Trevor Lawrence Clemson QB

Generational Talent

Trevor Lawrence is a generational talent. He is a 6’5 rocket armed quarterback with Alex Smith type speed. This guy looks like Peyton Manning in the pocket but has enough wheels to extend plays while still making the big throws. The way he dismantled the Alabama defense in last years National Championship game as a true freshman is the stuff of legends. Half of Alabama’s defense last year now is employed by the NFL. The problem with college football is that as soon as you have a break out season your stock can only stay even or go down. Even though Trevor showed he was a generational talent last year by beating Alabama in the National title game any game this year he doesn’t set the world on fire the critics will come out. At the end of the season last year he was the odds on favorite for the number 1 pick whenever he comes out. The problem is he has two more years of playing for free before he can make that leap.

The Sluggish Start

Trevor has started this season pretty slow. He has more interceptions than touchdowns. The good news is his early opponents haven’t been lowly football teams but one top 25 team and another that will probably end the year in the top 25. His slow start could just be a lack of reps in the off season and too much down time. The only problem is when scouts deem you the next golden boy they aren’t really sold on excuses. Then there is the possibility of another young Quarterback breaking out. Finding the next franchise type Quarterback is always a who’s next type of game. Even though Trevor has established himself scouts are ready to move on and crown the new king. This is very familiar to Tua of Alabama who at the beginning of the season was the next generational talent only to be downplayed once Trevor took off.

The Future

Trevor will break out this season and probably play in another playoff or national title game. He shouldn’t focus so much on the numbers but just about getting better. There are many times where scouts get excited for a prospect just to cool on them and then the prospect becomes a superstar NFL talent. Finding franchise NFL Quarterbacks is an inexact science. If it was Patrick Mahomes wouldn’t be playing for the Chiefs and Deshaun Watson wouldn’t be playing for the Texans. As long as Trevor avoids injuries he will be someones franchise Quarterback in the near future.


I am an avid football and basketball fan following the two sports for the last 25 years.

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