Skip Bayless

The Skip Bayless Advantage

You know how a mother has her favorite son who can say whatever they want and do whatever they want and the moment you say something as not being the favorite son, it’s like an atomic bomb hit the house. That’s how I can define first take’s Skip Bayless, a very spirited, proud and likeable guy. The same guy that might have grew up in another ghetto in an abusive situation but rose to the depths of prominence. But is it equal to how most minorities grow up and make it to the big stage in front of many people? The pain is unparalleled because crack was introduced to our hoods by the government, while most white neighborhoods elites introduced it to their neighborhoods. No. The mother in this situation is white owners, white advertisers and the white perspective of you should be honored to be in my white proximity. Skip don’t get me wrong I love your antagonist babbles and professor like recants, but if you reentered with the same chip on your shoulders as the black man and seeing it from the black perspective were, we often must edit every thought we converge upon, then we would be jobless. Take the president, do you think that president Obama could behave like Trump and keep the same position. Hell no. Do you think Brady could behave like Kaepernick and still go and do his thing? Yes. Johnny Manziel and Gronk came into the league with flash and kept bringing positive vibes to the fans who loved the same antics that put TO out of the league. Don’t get me wrong Skip, keep doing what you do….but remember, we can’t be the type of brothers that I could be with Wiley, but we can be the brother through another brother, or even step brother, with you being the real son of your mother, because they validate you in the game. It is a shame it has to be this way but remember I didn’t separate us. The stepmother did (the owners and business men that want minorities to be the Robin to Batman, did).

Written by John Beal. Senior Executive at SportsByJared.


I am an avid football and basketball fan following the two sports for the last 25 years.

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