Dak Prescott throwing a pass

Dak’s Progression

Whenever you hear sports reporters talk about Dak Prescott you normally get the same comments from a former player, and that is that Dak is an average quarterback. The general consensus is that if he was any good then the cowboys would have already won the Superbowl. The thing is like another later round draft Qb in Tom Brady, Dak took over the starting QB job unexpectedly early on in his NFL career and has made them a perennial winner. The Cowboys during the Romo years would always look like they where going to break out but where never a consistent playoff team. Since Dak’s been there he has the third highest win percentage in the league. Like Brady when he took over the starting job he never looked back. For Dak he took over in his rookie season. Their games early on are fairly similar. Tom Brady at the beginning and still a lot now is a Qb without all the physical attributes of an all time great but what he does is he out thinks most defenses and take what they give them and then open it up when needed. When both Qbs have elite receivers they turn from dink and dump Qbs to real throwers. Most analysts think the team only wins because of Zeke. What they underestimate is Daks running ability along with is ability to eat defenses up by completing 5 an 10 yard passes. Both these Qbs play chess against defenses to keep them guessing.

Dak’s Future

If Dak keeps winning like he is now he will one day be rated as one of the top Qbs. It took Tom Brady years to get the respect he deserved. The Cowboys have made smart moves to keep Dak protected and add some talent to his receiving core to make it better for him in the playoffs. Dak will one day be a superbowl Qb if he never succumbs to injury. The Cowboys better get Dak signed so they can lock up their version of Tom Brady.


I am an avid football and basketball fan following the two sports for the last 25 years.

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